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Which is the first human civilization and why it is disappearing so mystically exactly in the Bulgarian lands?What is its legacy and where it is hidden? Who rules the world and how the knowledge of the First people may change the Last ones?

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Ludmila Filipova


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The Parchment Maze

After reading this book you will never be the same. Because while speeding through the pages, breathless, your present will be turned upside down to an extend, of which you are willing to look at the bottom of the labyrinth.

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Повече за Антихтонът на Данте

Сюжетът на Антихтонът на Данте започва в най-грамадния пещерен комплекс в Европа Гроте ди Фрасаси, където е намерено безжизнено тяло на жена, изхвърлено от подземните приливи на река Сентино.

повече информация