Virtual Museum of traces in the maze

Why Christian religion is repeating the Orphic faith and what is the secret of the forgotten frescoes in the Roman catacombs? What is the relation between the meander, the octagonal star and the deepest cave on the Balkans? And why the octagonal star are more than the crosses in Rome and the Vatican?

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1 Rome
2 Belintash
3 Other traces of the Meanders
4 Berlin
5 Burma
6 Castle in Zheks
7 The Devil’s throat
8 Gradeshnitsa Culture
9 Perperikon
10 Euxinograd, Varna
11 Moscow
12 More Orphic traces
13 Trigrad
14 Kurdjali
15 Vatican City

About the author

Ludmila Filipova was born on Easter 1977. She graduated from the University of National and World Economy – Sofia, with high honors, and was conferred Bachelor Degree in 2000. She is graduated from the City University, MBA Degree in General Management.

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